Exporting Views

This section will probably make sense only for people who export models to use them for advanced purposes, and not so much for people who run everything within SketchUp

When rendering or performing simulations, it is useful to save views from a certain model.

SketchUp allows saving "scenes" (a.k.a. "pages"). These scenes can be easily added to the model, and they store a camera that has a certain view point, view direction and a field of view. It also allows having a perspective view and a parallel view.

Although Radiance has more "view" options than SketchUp (panoramic, hemispherical, etc), these two options are still very valuable, and can be exported from SketchUp to Radiance. The file with the view will be saved in the "Views" directory, with the name of the scene in SketchUp. Also, along with all the saved views, the current view will be saved as "view.vf".

Saving views is actually a SketchUp feature, and changes between versions of it. Thus, it is recommended that you check online for instructions specific to YOUR version of SketchUp.